#InvestInTransit Video for Capital Funding

Target Audience: Elected officials, transit stakeholders, residents and riders of the six county Northeastern Illinois region.

Strategy Objective:Invest in Transit outlines strategies for achieving the three goals. It also includes a list of Priority Projects, the key initiatives that the Transit Agencies cannot complete at current funding levels, but which are necessary to ensure continued high-quality transit for the region. Our objective is to take a complex subject and make it more digestible to the public so that they can better understand the two possible realities that lie ahead: a future with or without long-term, sustainable capital and operating funding.

Situation Challenge: Northeastern Illinois and the City of Chicago depend on safe, reliable trains and buses to get two million riders where they need to go every day. The 2018-2023 Regional Transit Strategic Plan, Invest in Transit, is the region's case for pursuing dependable funding streams that will enable the Transit Agencies to provide this vital service well into the future. Unfortunately, capital funding has been limited and unpredictable over the past ten years. A capital program of $2 to $3 billion every year would allow the region to make significant improvements. The MarComs team decided to introduce the strategic plan to the public in a short video that creatively educates the public of the importance of funding.

Results Impact: From our official launch of our 5 year strategic plan earlier in the year we have seen immediate results of our hard work. We have featured the #InvestInTransit video on our blog, website, social media pages and as an introduction at all executive speaking engagements. As we increase the frequency of our social media messages in support of our need for funding we are seeing increased engagement and requests from riders to support our cause. The conversation continues to build.

Why Submit: The #InvestInTransit video effectively stresses the need for transportation funding. The video is creative, visually engaging, utilizes historic photography, graphic elements, animation, connected narrator, music and quality production. Take a look and you will see why we need to #InvestInTransit.