CommuterAds Testimonial Showcase to Increase Sales of Transit Audio Media

Target Audience: CommuterAds (CA) testimonial comprehensive campaign was designed to gain prospective partners and in-turn increase sales through showcasing current client testimonials on social media, print materials, and web content on a limited budget. The social media campaign was targeted on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with the goal of gaining new followers and making impressions. The CA Team is now using new marketing and communications tools to target prospective partners: Collateral one-sheets featuring the testimonial and highlighting similar partners The testimonial quote as an image that the CA Team can embed into emails 4 x 6 postcards starring each partner's picture and quote Testimonial quotes displayed on the company website Updated Testimonial slides in our sales presentation deck

Strategy Objective:The objective of this entry is to increase sales by showcasing valued partners in a small-budget comprehensive campaign through social media, web content, and print media. The CommuterAds (CA) Team contacted 14 partners and asked each to provide feedback on their experiences with CA and the outcome of their audio advertising campaign. Clients were then asked to take a picture with a testimonial poster and a CA t-shirt provided to them. These pictures were shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to increase company awareness by using hashtags specific to each industry. We also added 4 testimonials to the company website with the hope of intriguing future partners. Lastly, CA created new collateral materials to highlight our successful onboard audio program and share with new partners.

Situation Challenge: CommuterAds (CA) is always looking for opportunities to increase sales and improve partnerships, and the testimonial project was implemented to accomplish these tasks. Many new partners look for results of our media before buying their campaign, testimonials help show results of the CA product. With many of our old testimonials being over 3 years old, it was time for an update!'We wanted momentum around these new testimonials, showcasing how CA has impacted many different clients. Our decision to showcase our partners' testimonials on social media was driven by a desire to highlight our wonderful partners and gain new partners. One challenge was to complete a fun and engaging campaign that would encourage our partners to participate and gain notice of new partners on a limited budget.

Results Impact: Increased Sales Shown success and overcome objectives with new partners 4 testimonials featured on the CA website New print materials to help sell CA media New leads generated and 1 new lead shared by a LinkedIn follower All CA Team members use new print materials for every client meeting Partners voice praises for testimonials providing firsthand credibility and promoting sales decisions 15% increase in sales since beginning this project and anticipate highest sales year to date! Heightened Public Awareness Facebook: 2,379 Impressions, 291 Engagements LinkedIn (newly launched): 2,379 Impressions, 186 Engagements Twitter: 5,329 Impressions, 158 Engagements 43 new followers across social media platforms Increased activity from the CA Team members on personal LinkedIn page

Why Submit: Our testimonial showcase has been submitted for an award because of its comprehensive nature and positive sales outcomes on a very limited budget of $16.07/client. Our strategic decision to showcase the testimonials of 14 valued partners through social media, print media, and web content has demonstrated increased sales and will continue to be used into 2019 and beyond! This is proven by new partnerships seen by the sales team, outstanding engagement numbers on social media, and numerous partners commenting over the phone or through email about the innovative nature of our showcase. This entry deserves to win due to the strategic design of the showcase aligning with our client-focused mission, we are marketing our service while simultaneously honoring valued partnerships!