Q'STRAINT to Increase QUANTUM and Q'POD Adoption

Target Audience: Through this campaign, we are primarily targeting transit properties, mobility passengers and bus drivers but we also indirectly target maintenance directors, mass transit commuters and accessibility advocates.

Strategy Objective:The strategy was to express the benefits of rearward facing securement alongside 3-Point wheelchair securement in a straightforward, real-life manner with actual QUANTUM and Q'POD users. Innovative, eye-catching branding with a QUANTUM and Q'POD advocates was used to capture the attention of the direct and indirect target markets. We aimed to capture on-site hands-on use with real mobility riders, bus drivers, maintenance directors and transit property directors. With hard print and digital push, on-site hands-on field tests, presentations and webinars, we've worked diligently to develop a complete and relatable campaign.

Situation Challenge: We launched this 'SEQURED' campaign to continue raising awareness of the safety advantages of 3-point wheelchair securement and rearward facing wheelchair securement to continue to build its expectance in North America. More and more transit agencies are adopting the QUANTUM and Q'POD dual wheelchair securement stations as time progresses.

Results Impact: The QUANTUM fully automatic securement technology alongside Q'POD's integrated 3-Point technology makes securing a wheelchair passenger quicker and easier than ever before while still giving the passenger the option of rearward facing or forward facing securement. Acceptance of these securement stations alongside one another has grown exponentially and sales of QUANTUM and Q'POD together are continually rising.

Why Submit: Capturing real-life mobility passengers has been our primary focus for our 2018 campaign. We dedicated a lot of time, energy and manpower to the initiative and believe in it whole-heartedly. At Q'Straint, we take passenger safety very seriously. We want to know that our customers are being provided with the highest level of safety.