New Yorkers for Better Public Transit Funding

Target Audience: The target audience for New Yorkers for Better Public Transit ( is literally everyone in the state, because everyone stands to benefit from increased funding for public transit: - Individuals, who will have increased access to jobs, schools, medical facilities and other vital destinations - Businesses, which will be accessible to more customers and prospective workers - Municipalities, which will have robust public transit as a selling point to attract new businesses - The public at large, which will benefit from lower carbon emissions, less traffic congestion, fewer traffic fatalities, more walkable neighborhoods and a stronger economy.

Strategy Objective:To raise public awareness of the benefits of public transit and support for a Statewide Transit Action Plan, whose goals are: - Provide adequate, recurring funding for the MTA through Congestion Pricing and other dedicated funding sources - Increase state operating aid for non-MTA transit systems by 50 percent over the next five years To achieve this goal, the ny4bettertransit website includes: - An appeal to join the coalition and receive updates on matters related to public transit funding - An online petition calling for increased funding for all public transit in the state - Suggestions for specific actions to take - Sample letter and email copy for contacting state officials - A toolkit with downloadable fact sheets, talking points and more - A media kit

Situation Challenge: New York City's ailing subway system has made headlines and attracted attention and support from the governor and legislators, while transit systems outside the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's (MTA) orbit have similar needs and challenges that are not getting adequate notice or funding. The way that New York funds transit no longer produces the results customers and communities expect and will not sustain current services. Everyone benefits from better public transit, and increased state support for public transit is critical to making that happen.

Results Impact: In the few weeks since the "soft launch" of the website and campaign, awareness of the need for greater investment in public transit has increased greatly. In addition to the transit agencies that are part of our coalition, we have signed up nearly 50 new individuals and gathered more than 100 petition signatures via the website; we expect those numbers to grow even more rapidly once the public launch of the campaign is completed later this month. Once fully implemented, the campaign's goal is to generate more than 50,000 signatures and 250 coalition partners.

Why Submit: This campaign brought together transit agencies from all corners of our state in a grass-roots effort to increase awareness regarding the need for increased transit funding. Due to the work of a small, dedicated group of individuals, an effort that would normally have taken months and tens of thousands of dollars was accomplished in less than six weeks at a fraction of the cost. It was unveiled at the NYPTA 2018 Annual Conference and enthusiastically received by members and business partners. We are submitting is as an example of the power of community and believe it should win an AdWheel Award for its excellence and impact.